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Manufacturing & consulting services for the bold

Our expertise encompasses exotic material aerospace manufacturing, process optimization through machine learning, data logging/analysis, and bespoke software tool development.

Bespoke solutions

Everything we do is customer-oriented. While we may build upon the knowledge we’ve gained over the years, the solutions will be uniquely yours.

Unearth answers

You have tons of data; so does everyone else. That doesn’t mean that it’s suitable for solving every problem (or even the one you want it to). Let us help you qualify your data and get real results.

Be ahead of your competitors

The competitive landscape is much fiercer than it was 10 years ago. Your products need to be the best they can be, from design to production. We are experts in metal additive manufacturing.

Parts Manufacturing

We have experience with a variety of processes, from CNC machining to metal additive manufacturing and welding.

We’re comfortable working with exotic materials commonly found in aerospace applications. Invar, Copper-Tungsten, carbon fiber, Titanium, and Inconel are all within our capabilities.

Machine Learning

We have delivered machine learning projects focused on process optimization. These projects have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating unnecessary downtime and ensuring their systems are running at peak efficiency.

Data logging and analysis

Much of what we’ve done has involved the collection and analysis of data. It’s the cornerstone of any machine learning approach, and we have experience in every part of that. Whether it’s managing hundreds of devices collecting real-time data or analysing large datasets to revel hidden patterns, we’ve done it.

Featured Work

Let’s work together on your
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Whether it’s a prototype bicycle or a machine learning system, we would love to speak with you.